Balance Protocol is a revolutionary approach to applying functional medicine with the goal of achieving optimal well-being based on biologic individuality and genetic uniqueness.  It utilizes comprehensive assessment and intervention to improve physiological/metabolic, emotional/cognitive, and physical/structural function. It is a science-based systems biology technique that demands a person-centered approach to understanding the interconnection of environmental and physiological factors that influence health and the progression of disease. Dr. Birchenough has trained extensively with Dr. Anthony Beck, founder of Balance Protocol.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine seeks to restore balance in the body and remove roadblocks to achieving wellness. Nutrition, digestion and absorption, immune dysfunction, inflammation, detoxification, energy metabolism, hormone balance and a calm mind are all important facets of health. By looking deep into the body’s complex network of systems, I can identify patterns of dysfunction and return you to your personal best.

After 15 years as an Emergency Medicine Physician, I realized the origins of illness lurk undetected by most patients and their physicians for years before recognizable symptoms occur. I have seen many patients in the ER with serious symptoms not explained by conventional testing or diagnostic studies. Many patients may have felt unwell for years but have never been offered treatment because there was no “diagnosis”. Or even worse, dismissed after being told it was psychosomatic or just part of the normal aging process. I use advanced testing and revolutionary techniques to identify and modify the environmental inputs that may be at the root of your symptoms. I treat the person, not the diagnosis.

Although conventional medicine is still an effective option for most acute illnesses and injuries, I have found it much less effective for detection and prevention of chronic disease or achieving optimal health. I do not write very many pharmaceutical prescriptions because I know that treating symptoms is useful only in the short-term. I deal in root-cause resolution. Sophisticated in-depth testing and perceptive insight allows me to find and alleviate the underlying cause of your symptoms with a multifaceted approach.

My goal is not to replace your primary care doctor, but to partner with him or her to take the best care of you. True 21st century medicine utilizes advanced testing to personalize health care. Each of you is a complex puzzle to solve, and I’m up for the challenge. It would be an understatement to say I’m thrilled to finally be able to offer you the kind of medicine I believe in.

Join me for a journey deep into the inner workings of your unique physiology and discover how a higher state of health can change your life!


Client Testimonials

“Thank you so much. I am feeling better. Able to handle life’s hurdles with renewed stamina. You have been warm, responsive, efficient, and thorough. So pleased you are guiding my wellness!”

Dr. Birchenough is fabulous! She has inspired me to be in the best health possible. I haven’t felt this great in decades and it’s ALL owed to her. I feel so blessed to have become a patient of hers. I can’t THANK her enough!