My open-minded approach and perceptive insight will empower you to achieve a higher state of health, and a higher state of self.

OptimalSelf MD

Out of personal need, I began a journey to learn more about how to help people, like myself, that began to lose themselves in a body that no longer felt comfortable. My symptoms became downright confusing, and as a doctor who couldn’t figure out her own health, I was almost embarrassed to talk to my physician about it! I had to learn a new way of looking at the human body, one that encompassed more than just a set of labs or an EKG – I learned to look at the whole person over the lifespan, and look at what led up to the present set of symptoms causing distress. Every “body” has a story. If you look hard enough it starts to make sense.

During medical school and residency I learned about diagnosing and treating diseases, but not much about what caused them.  In my years in the hospital wards and the emergency room, I took notice of the effects that unhealthy environments and poor lifestyle choices had on both my patients and my peers – and unfortunately, myself.  I saw thousands of patients existing in that gray zone between health and disease where there is no clear diagnosis, and thus no acknowledgement from the medical profession.  Many accept this as a normal state of being.  This “pre-disease” state is an alarm signal from the body that needs to be listened to and corrected.

About 10 years into my career I began to understand that the pursuit of health beyond just the absence of disease is a specialty unto itself – one I didn’t learn in medical school or residency, but had to seek out on my own.

I began formal study in Functional Medicine in 2014 and I’m now officially certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine. I passed my exam in April of 2016, making me the 4th MD in the state of South Carolina to receive this honor.

My education does not stop there – in fact, it has just begun.  I am continually reading, researching, and attending conferences worldwide to add to my depth of understanding. And of course, my patients teach me even more every day.

I’m honored to be able to offer the answers you might otherwise not be able to find, and help you return to a life you love.

Let me be your private health detective.


  • Institute for Functional Medicine, 2014 Certified Practitioner

  • Certified, American Board of Emergency Medicine

  • Certified, American Board of Pediatrics

  • South Carolina State Board of Medicine License to Practice Medicine & Surgery