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OptimalSelf MD is pleased to offer advanced IV therapy. Rather than offer an “IV bar” menu, Dr. Birchenough prefers to customize treatment plans for her patients and provide cutting-edge therapy in a pleasant and safe environment. Because safety and effectiveness is of utmost importance, we ask that you complete a brief health screen and have a complimentary consultation prior to your first treatment. The “Book Now” buttons will lead you there.

In addition to the options below, we offer Vitamin C infusions (made from cassava, not corn), Meyer’s Cocktail and Glutathione.

B12 (methylcobalamin) and MIC B12 injections also available!

Are you an athlete looking for an edge, a stressed-out professional, a person suffering with depression, anxiety, lack of focus, or chronic fatigue? Maybe you’re experiencing the dreaded “brain fog” and wonder if you’ll ever feel like yourself again? NAD IV Therapy can help! NAD is a molecule naturally produced by the body that is involved in cellular energy production and resistance to oxidative stress, among other essential functions. We now know given intravenously it can help with repairing DNA, generating energy, immunity enhancement, improving brain function and cognition, normalizing mood, and enhancing athletic performance. It is also being studied for use in treating neurodegenerative diseases. Expand your bandwidth with Brain Refuel™. Combined withFastVitaminIV™, it can be a game-changer!

Brain Refuel™ is a cutting-edge intravenous, biochemically driven purposeful medicine. Unlike any other type of IV therapy, the Brain Refuel™ program provides phenomenal results helping many patients recover and transform their physical, emotional and cognitive health

Dr. Birchenough is one of the few physicians in this region trained in the Brain Refuel™ principles and protocols. She has partnered with Dr. Craig Koniver of Mt. Pleasant in order to bring this transformational experience to the Upstate.

Brain Refuel™*

$450 per treatment, $600 with FastVitaminIV™

Package of 4 – get 5% off

Package of 8 – get 10% off

Package of 10 – get 20% off

*Must have a complimentary consultation with Dr. Birchenough prior to scheduling Brain Refuel™

More Information:

  • Each Brain Refuel™ IV Treatment takes from 1-3 hours depending on individual tolerance.
  • The NAD portion is dripped in as an IV infusion and once complete, the FastVitaminIV™ portion is pushed in over 1-2 minutes.
  • The majority of patients start with a loading dose of four treatments, but in some cases more is needed, and those may opt for 10 treatments. These treatments are best given on sequential days if possible. After the loading dose, most patients go on to a maintenance phase which may consist of one IV per week or even one IV per month. Every patient is unique.
  • During the treatments, patients are free to read, work on their computer or just relax.
  • After the treatments, there are no restrictions, although most patients find that they enjoy quiet time to relax and reflect.
  • The Brain Refuel™ Program is updated from the original NAD protocols which are quite different. We recommend that patients only receive this therapy from physicians who have been properly trained in Brain Refuel™ Therapy.
  • In between IV sessions, it is recommended that patients get on a personalized supplement regimen to maximize and prolong the benefits. Nutritional testing is highly recommended prior to beginning therapy.
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FastVitaminIV™ is the ONLY patent-pending nutrient IV that works better with speed! By pushing the FastVitaminIV™ blend over 90 seconds your body quickly gets what it needs. You may feel what people describe as a warm fuzzy feeling as every cell in your body soaks up the undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Each FastVitaminIV™ formula consists of a core group of nutrients that synergistically allow for fast absorption into your cells, muscles, and brain. It is designed to help you feel better faster and take less time out of your day than the conventional slow drips. Each FastVitaminIV™ formula is made with a safe combination of ingredients, manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, and tested to ensure the highest level of sterility and stability.

Each of the FastVitaminIV™ formulas are designed to address specific concerns, but all of them will increase energy, endurance, and overall wellness. Each can be used individually or combined in specially designed programs to achieve your health and performance goals:

– Vitamin 10-C Core Vitality

– Vitamin 10-T ToxiClean

– Vitamin 10-R Reboot

Many clients choose weekly or twice-weekly FastVitaminIV™ boosts to keep them at the peak of health and performance.

Why wait? Book your FastVitaminIV™ today!

$150 each

Package of 5 – get 5% off

Package of 10 – get 10% off

Package of 20 – get 20% off

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